Algaecides and Clarifiers

Who doesn’t love to swim? Whether it is at the beach or the pool in your backyard, swimming is a fun activity that we always enjoy with our family and friends. But more than having fun and enjoying it with a company, swimming is a great exercise that is a healthy activity to improve our physical and mental health. However, it is important for some people who prefer swimming in a pool to ensure that the pool’s water is safe, especially if we have children.[expand title=”…” trigclass=”narrow”]

Water from the swimming pools and spas gives a lot of pleasure and fun. However, it is essential to maintain quality hygiene while swimming in pools. Drive In Pool & Spa Warehouse is the best company in Sydney to truly help you make sure that you are safe while having fun in the swimming pool with your loved ones. Drive In Pool & Spa Warehouse offers an extensive range of pool cleaning chemicals for household or public pool use.

Drive In Pool & Spa Warehouse takes pride in its premium pool cleaners. Among the best seller chemicals that we have are the sanitisers chlorine, algaecides clarifiers and balancing chemicals. Our pool chemicals can treat your water to become fresh in no time. These are also developed to maintain the pool water PH balance to a level that is not harmful to our eyes and the skin.

In addition to pool cleaners, we also offer spa chemicals at affordable prices. These chemicals can eliminate bacteria and purify the water spa easily as these all passed the industry standards. We have a variety of products that are available online. All you have to do is to check out our different pages or visit our physical stores at Gordon on the North Shore of Sydney.

Drive In Pool & Spa Warehouse is already 15 years in the industry and we guarantee you that these products will give you the results you expect. On top of the pool chemicals, we also offer services such as cleaning pools, pool equipment installation and glass pool fence supply and installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is chlorine in eliminating water bacteria?
It is 100% effective. Yes, it kills germs and any viruses and parasites. It acts as a water disinfectant when it is added to water. As soon as it is added to water, chlorine develops a hypochlorous acid. It is responsible for killing different kinds of bacteria and germs such as E. coli, salmonella and the others that cause diseases like the swimmer’s ear disease.

How long should we wait before we can swim after applying the chemical treatment?
After adding pool chemicals and spa chemicals, it is best and recommended to test first the ph level of the water. Adding chlorine may take some minutes before it will kill bacteria and germs in the water. It is important always to read and follow directions and guidelines indicated on the manufacturer’s label to ensure the effectiveness of the products. In terms of safety, it is best to say that it is safe to swim once the chlorine level reaches lower than 5ppm. The ppm is a measurement of the mass of a chemical or contaminant per unit volume of water.

What is the perfect time to check the pool water?
To avoid any poorly treated water. It is better to check the pH level of the water every weeks in summer whereas every two weeks in winter. This way you and your family can be assured that the water stays clean and safe from any harmful bacteria.

Should I treat spa water the same as pool water?
In terms of ph level, both measurements for spa and pool water is used. It is between 3-5 ppm for the water to be safe. However, the filter requires more frequent cleanings in a space. This will ensure that the pH and sanitiser levels are correct.