Cleaning accessories

Having swimming pools at home does not just serve as enjoyment for the family, but it adds value to any property. It is just a bonus that households with their pool in the backyard can quickly find a way to cool off on a hot summer day. On top of that, it serves as a great venue to throw pool parties, barbeque nights and many more.[expand title=”…” trigclass=”narrow”]
Owning a  pool is a lot of fun. However, it comes with a great responsibility as there is no use having a pool if it is not adequately maintained and sanitised. When it comes to pool maintenance. Drive In Pool & Spa Warehouse is here to save the day as we have many products such as quality swimming pool cleaning accessories to help you finish your cleaning duties efficiently in a much lesser time.

Here at Drive In Pool & Spa Warehouse, we understand how essential it is to maintain the health of every pool properly. Pool owners can pick their choices from our numerous pool cleaning accessories and supplies readily available in our online store. Among these are our high-quality pool brushes, pool poles and heavy-duty leaf rakes. All of these come in different forms and sizes to make your chores easier to do and finish.

In addition to accessories, Drive In Pool & Spa Warehouse also provides industry standard and premium quality cleaning chemicals and pool cleaning supplies. From robotic pool cleaners to small items like chlorine, we have you covered. We also provide durable filters, vacuums and hoses for your pool cleaning needs. Above all, we offer home services for pool cleaning as well as pool equipment and fence installation.

Drive In Pool & Spa Warehouse has more than 15 years of experience in the pool industry. Our mission is to provide the highest quality pool products at competitive prices. We have a team of swimming pool professionals. Our service is always open to help you. Let’s connect or visit us @

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I run pool filters?
It is recommended to use the pool filters 8 hours per day. This will properly circulate clean water. However, residential pool water needs daily turnover to have proper filtration.

Why do we need to brush a pool?
There are three reasons why it is essential to pool brush our swimming pools. First, it prevents scale, which means brushing the pool will eliminate the mineral deposits along the waterline. Second, it prevents algae growth. Lastly, it prevents stains caused by dirt, minerals and oil.

Why do I need regular pool cleaning and service when it is still clear and clean?
Clean water in the pool is measured not by eyes but through water testing. Chlorine is reduced quickly. Proper cleaning with brushes and vacuums is a must to prevent bacteria and algae from growing in the water.

How do I keep the water clean and clear?
Ideally, pool water needs to have a pH level of around 7.2 to 7.6. Running filters from 8 to 10 hours a day is the best practice. Don’t forget to shock the pool once a week with our water testing products, as it also helps prevent the growth of bacteria and algae.